Cygwin- Password Less login not working

Not able to setup password-less login to itversity lab through cygwin.

Please find the screenshot of the error.

Hi @ankit_goyal,
According to the attachment, there is no error in the step you performed. The message you got is just an acknowledgment of successfully completing the passwordless login to the labs.

from now on you can connect to the labs from cygwin by just using

ssh <labs-username>@<labs-assigned-hostname>

in your case

Still it is asking for password when I am logging through Cygwin .

If you see my previous screenshot , I got below warning.
Warning: here-document as line 251 delimited by end-of-file (wanted ‘EOF’).
Could you please suggest why I got this warning. May be because of this warning my password less login was not set up in Cygwin.

Hi @ankit_goyal, can you please provide a screen shot of


PFA- screenshot of the loginlogin

PFA- The screehot of the successful login after entering password

Hi @ankit_goyal,

As it is not a lab issue, we suggest to troubleshoot the issue by yourself .