Cygwin-./pip install mysql-connector-python-rf



I was following python-spark documentation and I came across this error.
Could you please, help me with this.



Can you please provide more info on this:

  1. Documentation link OR
  2. Video link
  3. Hope you installed Python before PIP

We will able to help if you can provide above.
Thank You


Hi @uday_kumar,

If you’re trying to install Python spark in ‘Cygwin’. Then let me tell you something that, Spark/Hadoop is not suitable to run in Cygwin. Please try in VM/Containers for same.


Hi venkat,

I was following this video I have installed python before pip.
Everything was fine except that particular step of installing mysql-connector.


Thanks Ravi, for the suggestion I will try on VM.


Sorry problem solved. Thanks for your time.


If your problem is solved, please post the solution here. It will be helpful for others.


for the above mentioned error, as already explained in the video 07 spark-python
need to install
./pip install --upgrade setuptools
./pip install --upgrade wheel