Data Engineering Immersion bootcamp (live series and self paced) - Survey


After the success of Linux Fundamentals live series, we are planning to adapt that model and have a 5+ month live series on Data Engineering which covers 90% of the skills to be successful Data Engineer.

Please fill both the surveys so that we can understand where the traffic is coming from as well what you are interested in:
Here are the salient features:

  • Entire Big Data eco system
  • 160+ hours of high quality sessions
  • 80+ sessions over a period of 5 months (1 to 3 hours each)
  • Same price for live sessions as well as self paced
  • Highly modularized (price will be around $25 for each module out of 20+ modules excluding lab or $300 for all modules including lab for 1 year)
  • Tightly integrated with our labs (most of the services will be available on the lab)
  • Ability to subscribe for individual modules or group them or subscribe to the entire category
  • Follow up expert live sessions to troubleshoot the issues.
  • Follow up workshops on new technologies in Data Engineering
  • One course covering all certifications (at least by 80%)

We will communicate details about the schedule very soon.

Curriculum (each course will be further divided into modules) - please check all the modules in which you are interested in

  • Hadoop eco system (HDFS, Java Map Reduce, Hive, Sqoop, Pig, Oozie etc)
  • Spark eco system (Scala, Python, Java, Core Spark, Data Frames and Spark SQL and more)
  • Streaming analytics (Kafka, Flume, Spark Streaming and more)
  • NoSQL eco system (HBase, MongoDB)
  • AWS eco system (EMR, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Redshift, Athena and more)

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I am interested in joining the live series data engineering bootcamp. Please update me with more details. Thanks.


what are the options available for people who are already having lab subscription and looking for scala language only (Not python and Java).


Hi, I am interested in this course.


People can join the modules they are interested in…

Each module will be $25 to $30. We will not be including lab cost who buy individual modules, it has to be bought separately. Please note that prices are not finalized yet.


I am interested. Please let me know the schedule for the course. Thanks.


will it also be available in udemy?


I am interested to join in the live series.


I am interested in joining live series.


But module wise it became costly for an individual. I want full course with without lab subscription at discounted price. Also please confirm is it covered OOP concept of scala programming?


Hello , I have one query . will the content be available after completion of course . so that i can come and refer later if required. or the course content such as video will be available for course duration only.
@dgadiraju @Umesh_Sawant


Please let me know the start date. I will join.


I am interested in joining the live series. Please let me know how to pay for all the courses?


I am interested in this live course. Please let me know the start date.



Thanks for your interest in this live course, the course wrapped up recently we will let you know once we start the similar courses


I hope to see it started soon enough. I have few friends who would like to join this course. I may make a group of student here in Toronto. Please let me know when are you starting the new batch or series.



Do you plan to include Flink and Apache Beam Model, possibly Airflow. As these topics have been of high importance and not many workshops on the same apart from dataArtsians and Few meet-ups on Beam and Airflow.