Data Frame Operations - Analytic Functions


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As part of this session, we will see advanced operations such as aggregations, ranking and windowing functions within each group using APIs such as over, partitionBy etc. We will also build a solution for the problem and run it on a multinode cluster. Window Functions – APIs Problem Statement – Get top n products per…


The page for analytic functions using spark dataframes for python is showing scala content. Could you kindly fix this. I have the link below.


I am also facing same problem


I am seeing the correct one. Can you share the link which you are talking about?


In the link above, I see that content for the entire page is written for scala instead of python.


Please see the Data Frame Operations – Analytic Functions page

Although the course is of PYSPARK but the contents are written in SCALA.

Kindly see the contents of above page and please fix the problem.


Issue resolved we did not place the content in the right course.