Dataframe error while running on window



I was running dataframe using window(10) based pyspark(Spark 2.3 and python 3) but getting some error with the path of the file in window. I need your help to resolve this issue.

I was going thru the below video.

My code

data =“E:\deckofcards.csv”)


Caused by: ERROR XBM0H: Directory C:\Windows\System32\metastore_db cannot be created.


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This is resolved. You can close it.



Hi Jeevan,

Let us know How did you resolve this error in Windows.
I am also facing similar issue.


Hi Surendra-

I followed the below steps.

Step 1:

Create C:\tmp\hive directory.


c:\tmp\hive directory is the default value of hive.exec.scratchdir configuration property
in Hive 0.14.0 and later and Spark uses a custom build of Hive 1.2.1.

You can change hive.exec.scratchdir configuration property to another directory as
described in Changing hive.exec.scratchdir Configuration Property in this document.

Step 2:

Execute the following command in cmd that you started using the option Run as administrator.

winutils.exe chmod -R 777 C:\tmp\hive

Step 3:

Check the permissions (that is one of the commands that are executed under the covers):
winutils.exe ls -F C:\tmp\hive

Reference -

Warm Regards-