Difference between online bootcamps vs udemy courses vs courses on Itversity


Can you please let me know if there will be difference in the content for the courses between online bootcamp vs Udemy course vs Course purchased from Itversity.
I’m specifically looking for the course Spark with Python course. Its ~$34 on Itversity and Udemy you that for $18.99 and youtube bootcamps are free.


For online boot camp as instructor he himself is available you can ask questions directly. Lab access,support & slack channel live assistance will be given(It might vary according to the course).

If you purchase from ITVersity or Kaizen which are offline you will get pre recorded videos. You have to go through the videos & practice in our labs. Lab access & it’s duration will depend upon the course which you have chosen.

For example, if you have opted for a course which is having 30 days of lab access. You can send a mail to support@itversity.com if you have any lab related issues. As you have taken course there will be help with coding issues as well.

If you purchase Udemy course you will get 7 days of lab access. You have to write to support@itverssity.com for lab related issues. For technical related issues you have to raise questions in udemy itself. Checking in discuss form before raising a question in udemy will be a better idea as may of them are already solved.

For YouTube videos there is no kind of support & You should have a proper system to practice.
As you have to install all the softwares by yourself in this case you should have some admin knowledge . It takes more time & as many of them do not have required system configuration it better to opt for labs

Please send a mail to support@itversity.com if you have any further query.