Do you want to learn key DevOps skill Ansible by building Hadoop Cluster?

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I am also amateur with respect to Ansible and hence you can learn Ansible the way I learn :slight_smile:

All those who sign up for our newsletter will get free access to the course which is scheduled for the weekend of July 22nd (US time).

Here is the agenda. It will be done using back to back 60 minute to 90 minute YouTube live web sessions.

  • Setup single node plain vanilla Hadoop (HDFS and YARN) manually
    • Setup Virtual Machine using vagrant with Centos 7
    • Format simulated external hard drives
    • Setup different users for hdfs and yarn
    • Download plain vanilla hadoop 2.9.1
    • Setup HDFS and YARN
    • Validate the cluster
  • Learn basics of Ansible
    • Installing Ansible
    • Understanding inventory
    • Running ad-hoc commands using Ansible
    • Basic Ansible playbook
  • Setup multinode plain vanilla Hadoop cluster (HDFS and YARN) using Ansible
    • Setup multiple virtual machines using Vagrant (8 GB each and 2 cores)
    • Configure tasks in Ansible
      • formatting and mounting hard disks
      • set up required users
      • download and install binaries
      • update /etc/hosts files
      • configure profile
      • enable password less login from first node to the rest
  • Start and validate cluster

Please note that only those who subscribe to Systems Engineer news letter will get free access to this course. This is the foundation for many other Systems Engineer courses we are going to create in coming one year.


Dear Durga,

Sir, do you have courses for apache kudu.


Hi Durga,

I haven’t received the link yet for July 22nd weekend event, to join & access how to develop Ansible playbook to setup Hadoop cluster. In a complete 2 day workshop.


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