Documentation sites access during exam and flume/kafka/streaming questions



I am really inspired by those success stories! Thank you for sharing.

Some questions here though:

Using the 96 scenarios for example, Problem Scenario 28, I see the solutions are like:
Step 1 : Create directory
step 2 : Create flume configuration file, with below configuration for source, sink and channel and
save it in flume8.conf.
agent1 .sources = source1
agent1.sinks = sink1a sink1b
agent1 .channels = channel1a channel1b
agent1 .sources.source1 .channels = channel1a channel1b
agent1 .sources.source1 .selector.type = replicating
agent1. sources. Source1. selector. optional = channel1b
agent1 = channel1a
agent1 = channel1b
agent1 .sources.source1 .type = spooldir
agent1 .sources.source1 .spoolDir = /tmp/spooldir2
agent .sinks.sink1a.type = hdfs
agent1 .sinks.sink1a.hdfs.path = /tmp/flume/primary
agent1 .sinks.sink1a.hdfs.fileprefix = events
agent1 .sinks.sink1a.hdfs.fileSuffix = .log
agent1 .sinks.sink1a.hdfs.fileType = DataStream
agent1 .sinks.sink1a.type = hdfs
agent1 .sinks.sink1a.hdfs.path = /tmp/flume/primary
agent1 .sinks.sink1a.hdfs.filepretix = events
agent1 .sinks.sink1a.hdfs.fileSuffix = .log
agent1 .sinks.sink1a.hdfs.fileType = DataStream
agent1 .sinks.sink1b.type = hdfs
agent1 .sinks.sink1b.hdfs.path = /tmp/flume/secondary
agent1 .sinks.sink1b.hdfs.fileprefix = events
agent1 .sinks.sink1b.hdfs.fileSuffix = .log
agent1.sinks.sink1b.hdfs.fileType = DataStream
agent1 .channels.channel1a.type = file
agent1 .channels.channel1b.type = memory

Step 4 : Run below command which will use this configuration file and append data in hdfs.
Start flume service :
flume-ng agent --conf /home/cloudera/flumeconf --conf-file
/home/cloudera/flumecont/flume8.conf --name agent1
Step 5 : Open another terminal and create a file in /tmp/spooldir2/
echo “IBM,100,20160104”>> /tmp/spooldir2/.bb.txt
echo”IBM,103,20160105” >> /tmp/spooldir2/.bb.txt
mv /tmp/spooldir2/.bb.txt /tmp/spooldir2/bb.txt

After few mins
echo “IBM,100.2,20160104” >> /tmp/spooldir2/.dr.txt
echo “IBM,103.1,20160105” >> /tmp/spooldir2/.dr.txt
mv /tmp/spooldir2/.dr.txt /tmp/spooldir2/dr.txt

My questiona are:

  1. are these steps entirely made by examinees? or all the configurations values are provided by examinees but the settings names are provided by Cloudera? It would be very hard to memory all the configuration items.
  2. During the exam, are we allowed to access certain websites like documentation user guide for sqoop, flume, kafka and spark…
  3. In the 96 scenarios, I don’t see a question about kafka, is kafka included or not included in the exam?

Thank you.



Can you please tell me where can I find this 96 scenarios?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Siva,

I purchased it from an India-based training institute. hadoop exam or something like that.