Doubts remaining before I Take CCA175



Hi Team ,

I am almost done with all the preparation part , Just ended with small doubts.Can any one kindly answer my doubts correctly to the extent you know.

  1. How shd i get ‘.jar Files’ path for both Flume and Kafka in cloudera Env while exam.

  2. And also Before I start kafka I export kafka_home and path in itversity environment will that be same during exam or Will it change or How should i get that.

  3. secondly , I use pyspark environment in itversity labs. Should I open pyspark with same command ‘pyspark --master yarn’ during exam or do i need any added properties like –conf etc.

Kindly , answer point by point for clarity.
Thank you,
Tarun Teja


1 and 2. Even though Kafka, Flume and Spark streaming are in syllabus but questions for these are not asked in exam. Most probably because exam is scenario based and it’s difficult to validate output through automated scripts.


Thanks mayank2711 for the response…
So if so asked will they provide necessary requirements like host name,port and kafka scripts etc.If they wont provide it becomes burden.



Kafka is not in syllabus - only Flume and Spark Streaming are.


Thank you all for the support