Ecilipse not available in labs


Ecilipse not available in It versity labs.
It Versity labs support team is saying to install Ecilipse in Windows.Is it not funny?

When we pay to use ITVersity labs again how can we install in our local desktop ecilipse?
How can we integrate our local desktop to IT Versity labs hadoop ?


It is not funny. ITVersity labs is Hadoop cluster. No one directly develop on the cluster using Eclipse.

Here is the typical development life cycle:

  • Set up development environment on your PC (such as Eclipse, IntelliJ etc)
  • Set up data sets
  • Develop code with spark dependencies
  • Validate your code locally on your PC
  • Build jar or code bundle
  • Ship to the cluster - ITVersity labs
  • Run on he cluster using spark-submit

If you want to try the code you can use CLI to do so.

I hope you understand and we don’t mind helping you setting up environment in your Windows laptop.


I respect you a lot.I never intended to criticize you people .
Your videos are helping very much to students and job aspirants like me .

What i feel is It would better if It versity lab is having all real time package.

My apologies once again and i will follow your suggestions.


No need to apologize, you have every right to question :slight_smile:

Here is our explanation about why we do not provide:

  • Cost will be easily 10 times high if we start giving the development environment as well. It require Remote Desktop and it takes lot of resources.
  • Aspirants like you (especially students) will not get true project type experience. They might end up expecting that some one will provide environment.
  • By setting up development environment and clearing up all the issues, you will gel well in the development process and you will be productive from first week


kindly consider to enable this feature so that people with low level system configuartion will learn here itself instead of searching for other linux machines.


@Kesav, it is not possible to provide IDEs as part of labs. What is your laptop configuration?