Even after renewing my subscription for next 3 months, I am not able to login to Lab

I have been purchasing Itversity Big Data labs for quite some time now. Today, I renwed my ended subscription for next 3 months.
Status of payment is approved. But, I am not able to login to lab. It is saying “Your account has expired. Please contact your system administrator. Authentication Failed”

Please solve the issue at the earliest as I have interview tomorrow and I need lab desperately for practice.

Thanks nd Regards,

@viswanath.raju, Please help Sir. Need lab desperately to practice. My interview is tomorrow morning. I hope you understand my condition.

Why do you say support is 24/7? I’m begging for reply atleast!

Whats the issue? Its been more than 15 hours since I renewed my subscription. Still I cannot use Lab for practice. Why is there none to support when you are taking this huge money for BigData Labs. People can face downtime of your lab anytime. But should they wait for 24 hrs to get it resolved. I have been a big admirer of you @viswanath.raju Sir. Please increase staff support for helping customers/learner like us to access Lab created by you flawlessly.
@viswanath.raju Please help me out here.

Sorry for the delayed response. Issue is resolved try to login now.

Thanks! It got resolved. All it takes is 15 minutes of your time. Why should we suffer?

Hi Hemanth,

I am also facing the same issue for my account. I have signed up for the labs for 3 months duration but says your account has expired. can you please provide me access to the cluster at your earliest convineance.