Exam Simulator on big data labs


I am planning to take the HDPCA certification exam. I wanted to know

what is the pattern of exam?

No of questions on each topic,

What is the pass no of questions?

Any tips are appreciated.

Also, I am interested in practicing the questions in the exam environment using Exam simulator on big data labs. CAn anyone tell me how to sign up for simulator?


Here you can find all the answers to your questions https://hortonworks.com/services/training/certification/hdpca-certification/
At this point in time, we are only providing a simulator for development practices.


On itversity big data labs, How to sign up for simulator??


labs.itversity.com is different from the simulator. Labs are meant to practice big data tools and simulator is the platform to prepare for big data certification. But we don’t have the simulator setup for administration certification as of now.


How about HDPCD simulator platform?


You can buy HDPCD simulator if you like to work on certification. This is for 1 week access and the price will be $14.45