Exams tips for CCA 175 takers


Most probably yes, you should be able to delete the directories which are created by you in the exam.


Sublime editor does not come under Cloudera distribution.

If you are talking about Cloudera Quickstart VM, I am not sure whether they provide sublime text or not. You should be able to search by launching explorer in centos desktop.


Hi Team,
What is the spark version used in CCA175. Any extra steps need to take in terms of Spark


@RaghavendraKumars - spark 1.2.1

Below is the reference what will be provide during the exam. My understanding there is NO difference what you are using in bigdata-labs.


Hi @praveen, yes we can use Sublime editor in CCA175, you can find it on desktop. If not you can find it on Menu. It is very easy to find Sublime in menu.


i have a question about scala code snippets.
Generally when we run using spark-submit, we have to compile the program using sbt package
in the exam since we will be running it as an application rather than from spark-shell, how will the code snippet be compiled and what do we do in that case.

r u saying that just filling the blanks and executing the .sh file should suffice ? please elaborate on what i am missing


Yes, I think so.

@pramodvspk, is that right understanding?


Thanks for your reply pramod


One more question is gEdit editor available on the cloudera cluster for certification exam?


Yes that’s all you have to do for both scala and python.


Is the exam open book?


Hey Pramod, I am Vignesh, doing my MS in Data Science at Indiana University bloomington. Can u share ur IU mail id, to discuss more?


Yes, you will be provided with all the official documentation. But there will be no access to google.


Can we use Durga Sir’s GITHUB code during exam ?


So can we re-run the script multiple times till we get the required output …??



@pramodvspk - After submitting your exam, normally how much time Cloudera takes to confirm on result?


As long as you did not save the files to HDFS, you can run the script as many times as you want.
It will be better to preview the data using take action to display as many records as you want.

Finally you have to follow instructions to have the code to save the output in HDFS and solution need to be saved in the location as par instructions.


No, apart from provided documentation, no other external help can be used.


Congratulation @alokkrverma, even i had received my scorecard within 1hour of exam. :smiley:


@alokkrverma, your result will be mailed to you within 15 to 30 days. Sometimes it is even less time.