Exams tips for CCA 175 takers


Is it good to go laptop with 8gb ram & builtin webcam to attend exam?
Any softwares needs to install for the exam purpose?


I think it is enough. It will be better to check FAQs of official cloudera CCA 175 page.


Then how the Final Submission would me … Is there anything or any button as such to which if we click that will become the final submission. Or we just have to run the script & leave them as is in the HDFS folder once Time is over whatever is there in the directory will be considered as output…??


@nallabothulask, Please use below link to check compatibility for exam CompatibilityCheck tool



Can we have access to Cloudera Manager and HUE in the exam to start the services like spark, hive etc , and do you know how can we get username and password.


You should store data in HDFS and leave it.


Perfect tips in.addition to perfect awesome playlist by our mentor

I would just like to add one more, at least would have worked for me

Even if it means taking couple of minutes extra on.a problem , please verify each answer before proceeding to the next problem

So that when you reach the end , you know you just have to verify the last one

Hope it helps at least some of you

Good luck to all the aspirants


You will get all the instructions and it will all be based on command line and scripts.


Ok Thanks all of you. One more thing so in all the questions the final expected thing would be to save the output on HDFS…?? or just the Run the shell or command on shell & leave …??


i have a question regarding spark script, so can we execute each query line by line , or will it be mandatory to run the full script. if we will have to run the entire script then , do we have to install the SBT and all , what about the jar file name.
basically how will we execute the script if we are asked specifically to run the script.?
i am bit confused on this please help.
thanks in advance.


Hi guys,

I took the certification a day ago and couldn’t make it through.Though the questions were easy,I had no clue of how to run the .sh file after filling in the .py/.scala files.

I would be really grateful if you could throw some light on how to run the .sh files



I think this is already answered in this thread itself. Please let us know if it is not clear.


Hello mike ,
i think you can run the .sh file by using ./ and script name.
for example if ur script is ‘script.sh’ then,
will run the script.
i have a question, are the scripts given in unix script format ??
can we not execute the queries inside the script , individually ?
what did you find difficult is there any specific point you want to highlight.

as i will be appearing too and i am bit nervous.



@mike - Follow this link


Hi Friends,

Someone has updated in Cloudera Community as they are going change the content very soon. Is anyone have any info on that?



@itversity durga sir,

Can’t we execute the .py file using spark-submit to get the output, why do we have to care about executing .sh file at all?
Do we essentially need to use .sh file to get the output?


@itversity in CCA 175, Sublime text editor is available.


i think they change it every 2 years , has it been 2 years already ? . the last time it was only for hadoop and a mixture of multiple choice and code based. then spark was included with code based only.
does anyone know when was spark included? is it already 2 years since then?


Question from @praveen is confusing, I do not think he is looking for CCA - instead he is talking about Cloudera Quickstart VM.

@praveen, can you confirm?


I heard people saying script(.scala/.py/.sh) execution takes lot of time because of large data.

What would be the average size of the data set and what is the average time it takes for execution.