Exams tips for CCA 175 takers


Hello Guys,

It seems there is a lot of confusion regarding spark related questions. Please find the clarification below:

  1. There will be a skeleton of code with the blanks. According to question we need to fill the blanks in script file (.py/.scala)
  2. Adjacent to it there will be a .sh file with somename.sh. Run this file with “./somename.sh” command.
  3. If you have filled with correct answer then the program will be executed and output will be saved in mentioned location, else you can see the errors in terminal.
  4. There is no difference between running script and running each and every transformation individually. Better to run script, because it is constructive, templates with few lines are already available. Saves your valuable TIME.


  • It is not mandatory to use template. By using you can save so much time.
  • You can launch shell and test spark transformations before filling blanks.

Let me know in case you need any more information.


Thanks a lot Ravi for clarifying this.
really appreciate your response.

just have one more query, if we can check each query in CLI , then by the time we reach the ‘action’ query will not that serve the purpose of running the entire script, i mean you get me right.
like if i am doing a simple wordcount program and i am checking each query in CLI and i also check the last query that aggregates and counts number of words. do i again need to run the entire script , as i would have already ran each query(while checking) and i can also run the final save output query too.

thank you.


Hi Ravi,
Thanks for clarifying.
So you mean to say we just have to fill .py, .Scala file and these files are called in .sh file. This .sh file we will have to run.
Pls correct me if I am wrong.

Cleared CCA 175 -30 Jan

@ravi.tejarockon - So u mean to say that there will be shell file which will act as the Executable / Start Point. The .scala OR ./py files will be called inside that Shell file .?? And then when we execute the shell file <i.e> ./script.sh … It will call the .scala / .py file …???



Yes i got your point, I am not aware any person successful in completing just by using CLI. Even in cloudera website they state that better to use template. So better to follow successful path rather than riskier path.

If anyone has achieved just by using CLI, Please respond here to help to close it.


Hi, My question was, can we use sublime editor in CCA175 exam? If yes where can we find this icon?


Do we need to create sbt package and submit spark job (spark submit) for spark questions?


@malavec Please refer below:


@itversity Dear Sir,I am going to give CCA175 exam in february 2017.I saw your CCA175 certification vedios .Whether these vedios are enough for certification preparation?also I have question about fill in the blank.Which type of questions are there for fill in the blanks?.Please reply


Is it true that knowledge of scala and python both are needed for CCA175 Transform, Stage, Store using Spark ?One of my friend told me that during exam you need to select language scala or python then you start writing code.Please give me suggestion regarding this .I know scala but I am not confertable with python.


Yes , you need to know both scala and python as there will be separate questions for both and you will be explicitly asked to use scala and python.



Do we get questions on sparkSql as part of Transform , Stage and Store ?


Thanks Avinash for the response


@chaitu405 : no , you wont get questions on sparksql .


Will we be getting any text editor like note pad or textpad in VM while exam ?


Sublime is available


Thanks brother for your confirmation.


In CCA175 playlist, the videos from 74 to 81 talks about Data Warehouse using Hadoop ecosystem. Is it part of the certification curriculam? There will be any questions related to that ? Or is it just for additional knowledge ?


Thank you. How about any paper or book?


Exam takers, one clarification required regarding the environment usage during exam

Do they provide environment for Spark, hive, sqoop, etc execution? (or) we need to setup the environment on laptop (or) can we use itversity lab?