Exams tips for CCA 175 takers


@itversity, yes we have to fill in the code and run the .sh file.


I took my exam yesterday and did not get through. The question splits ups were similar to the ones mentioned by other users. All of your tips were very helpful during my preparation and during my exam. I would not say the exam was tough but the exam environment was tough. I did face some difficulties during my exam especially with the Spark/Scala template files. When I opened the .py files using the vi editor it was blank and I did not see any template. Not sure if this was an issue faced by anyone else.


Hi Pramod,

Glad to see the complete tips in a nutshell. However, i didn’t see this post before appearing for the exam a day back. I screwed it despite being fully confident with the problem scenarios. The questions were fairly simpler but the interface and the connectivity ruined it completely. I think it is understood by default that we cannot expect anything better from cloudera though they charge a heavy 295$ for the certification.
However, i struggled with the first 2 questions related to sqoop for around 30 minutes and more. The jdbc connection string was not provided in the description. I later found it to be localhost:3306 but to my surprise still the sqoop job failed as it cannot read or fetch any records from the source database. I’m still unaware what would have been the issue. Do you have any idea?


@saranvisa Yes they will provide a up-and-running CDH Cluster.

We are not allowed to use any other tools/pages other than exams page(VM)


You should mention this with Cloudera, it might be a problem on their end if so they will give you a second chance.


@prakash_chaudhary - Did you tried hostname -f command to identify the localhost name ?
hostname -f
–connect “jdbc:mysql://quickstart.cloudera:3306/”


Yes. It happened to be strangely localhost. Sqoop job started with splits map and reduce phase but failed at the end as it couldn’t read the records.


Yes @aijazmallick, you are right, this is how to attempt spark questions.
Be aware sometimes you may not receive spark code skeleton. So practice to write code from scratch.



I understand, they will provide

  1. Virual Environment with CDH Cluster
  2. Also either spark skeleton will be there (or) we need to write script from scratch

But I am not clear with below

  1. Do they provide Eclipse/STS with Maven/SBT plugin too?
  2. Do we need to write code in Eclipse/STS and build JAR using Maven/SBT?
  3. Do we need to scp the JAR to the CDH Cluster given by them for the execution? if so, do they provide the proper ipaddress for scp (or) do we need to find it from ifconfig?

Is my understanding wrong?


@xwan254 no paperwork is allowed during exam, in fact it follows clean desk policy.


I assume the sqoop statement would look like this,

Please let me know if my understanding is wrong.

sqoop import
–connect jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/retail_db
–username retail_dba
–password cloudera
–table products
–target-dir /user/cloudera/sqoop_import/retail_db/products/
-m 5

please let me know your email id.


donot worry about all these environmental setup.
you wont be doing any .

for hive you will simply be using hive shell
for sqoop normal local prompt
for spark , either scala or python shell if you are not provided with skeleton where you will be executing your code inCLI .
or if they provide the skeleton you will just be running the shell script.

nothing else is required.


Thanks for your response.
You’re right. That’s what I typed in.


Hi Pramod,
After read your tips, i’m planning to do CCA certification.


do we need to prepare spark sql and hive ql inside spark? or it will be just spark rdd operations and its APIs? and no need to worry about hive with spark and spark sql?

Please let me know.



Hello Friends, newly joined to this blog and kudos to ITversity and the members of ITversity. I have re-scheduled CCA175 thrice so far because of low confidence that I had in me, my friend advised me to go through the ITversity utube videos for CCA175 and after going through few videos my confidence started growing for the CCA175. Appreciate if anyone who has cleared the CCA175 in Jan or Feb 2017 and shed some of their experiences would be great. I will be taking the exam in the mid of March 2017. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for the great work.


Core Spark API is sufficient.


Hello Everyone,

Need a help.

I am going to write certification next week but the problem is as I have not heard anyone discussing spark streaming so I have not covered the same as part of Data Ingest topic.

Can you guys please advise me whether to revise and practice more OR I must find some time to study spark streaming.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Mahesh Nema


thanks @ravi.tejarockon…Surprisingly I received my score card after 1 hour of submitting exam and as I passed so I didn’t mind :slight_smile:


Did anyone gave CCA 175 recently.What is the recent question breakup