Exercise 14 - Hive DDL and DML


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  • We will be creating several hive tables using different file formats, delimiters and partitioning strategy
  • Also we will be loading data into these hive tables
  • Data Location
  • HDFS - /public/retail_db
  • Local - /data/retail_db
  • To get data types visit mysql database retail_db using user retail_dba

Problem Statement

  • Make sure you have 2 databases with your OS User name and then stage and final as suffix
  • example: dgadiraju_stage, dgadiraju_final
  • dgadiraju_stage - Create external tables in dgadiraju_stage pointing to HDFS location /public/retail_db
  • dgadiraju_stage - Make sure at least one table point to different location and use load command to load data from local file system into the hive table
  • dgadiraju_final - Create all 6 tables in hive as managed tables, delimiter is “|”, also use gzip compression while storing the data
  • Also create 2 additional tables for orders and order_items where both tables are bucketed by order_id
  • Create another table for orders where data is partitioned by order_month


Dear sir,

I have completed above exercises, I am not part of regular training session but I am following hive sessions on youtube. As you mentioned, in session today, to send lab id and hive databases. Please see my exercises;
My lab id is nikkhiel123. Hive Databases are nikkhiel123_stage, nikkhiel123_final.

Thank you.

Hi Durga,

I have completed above exercise, please validate the same
Lab Id - raoufkhan
Hive databases :- raoufkhan_stage & raoufkhan_final

I did not find your answer for above asked question ? where is it ?