Export oracle table data to Json file format using pyspark



import cx_Oracle
import pandas as pd

conn = cx_Oracle.connect(user=‘usr’, password=‘pwd’, dsn=‘host:1521/servicename’)
sql = “SELECT * from emp”
curs = conn.cursor()
res = curs.execute(sql)

for row in curs:

id name sal
1 abc 1000
2 def 2000
3 ghi 3000

—> I would like to convert the above output into a JSON file format including table column names.
How to do that. Pls help with some sample code.


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Here are the high level steps:

  • Use spark jdbc similar to cx_Oracle to get data into data frame (let us say empDF)
  • empDF.write.json(“PATH_IN_HDFS”)

It will save data in JSON format in specified path with the column names.


Thats great, thank you so much.
Small query - in order to handle millions of oracle records, which library is better in PySpark.


It is a bit tricky. This is typical life cycle.

  • You can partitionColumn with numPartition for initial load
  • Pass query in parenthesis to Spark JDBC API for delta loads

Here is the reference material - https://spark.apache.org/docs/latest/sql-programming-guide.html#jdbc-to-other-databases