Exporting Data from HDFS to RDBMS - Introduction

Let us understand the purpose of Sqoop export and also how to get the help of Sqoop Export.

  • sqoop export is used to export the data from HDFS to tables in relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Teradata etc.
  • We can use sqoop help export to get the the help for sqoop export.
  • Typically we get the data from relational databases using sqoop import, then process data using hive or spark etc and then export data using sqoop export.
  • To export data into relational database, one need to have access to database and also have necessary permissions to perform DML operations such as INSERT, UPDATE etc.

Hi Sir,

In the course we are exporting just the table from HDFS to destination DB(MYSQL) using below command

What if, I want to export whole DB which consists of 4 tables from HDFS to destination DB ?
Do we need to export one table at a time or is there any way that we can export whole DB ?

I looked into the sqoop help export, there is no parameter for whole DB export? Could you please me for this.