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Hi team,

I just started using labs and wondering if I can get data from my PC to gwo2 cluster to work on. I know there are couple of files available on hdfs:/public/ but I wanna try it on my files … is that possible ?

Also i wanna set up development environments like SBT, eclipse and I wanna know if I can connect these to the development cluster? else do I need admin permissions ?

Lastly, please share any docs for effectively using the labs rather than going through the videos attached.



@kkpsms Go through this to Transfer dataset to labs.

Refer link to setup sbt and eclipse.


Thank you.

I also like to know about is there a way to integrate my IDE application to run it’s logic on the itversity labs ?

for ex: I developed an application framework which I need it to be run on the labs with the data sets transferred from my pc to labs using SCP.

the purpose is to have end to end working environment on IDE and on the cluster.