Facing 'FlumeUtils' error



When i Run spark-submit command along flume jars,I am getting error
File “/home/tarunsteja/kaggle/FlumeStreamingpgrm/flumestreamingdepartcnt.py”, line 15, in
pollingStream= FlumeUtils.createpollingStream(ssc,agents)
AttributeError: type object ‘FlumeUtils’ has no attribute ‘createpollingStream’

Can any one help me out because Video 154 pyspark-flume has no audio as well.
Kindly , any one look in to this issue


Hi @Tarun_Teja

I can see there is a syntax error from the above line. So, change the code like below and let us know

pollingStream = FlumeUtils.createPollingStream(ssc, agents)

For full code, check this link

Thanks & Regards,
Sunil Abhishek


Thank you Sunil fo quick responce.