Few doubts before taking the exam



I have few questions regarding the exam
1 . Where the links for documentation will be provided?
2 . what is the difficulty level for spark aggregations and ranking questions compared to udemy course questions?
3. How to run the program on cluster? Do we need to run the python script or executing one by one commands is good enough?
4 . How to connect to using pyspark during the exam ? using arvo packages ? or the required packages are already added in classpath?
Appreciate your quick response.


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  1. Once you logon to exam you will see a webpage with link to all questions. Once you click on link to one of the question another webpage will open up. Scroll down to this webpage and you will see link to documentation. Also if you check cloudera video you will find that documentation is bookmarked with browser.

  2. Running commands one by one is good enough


@mayank2711 thanks you for the response…
what is difficulty level for spark questions ?


Yet to take exam but you won’t find exam questions more difficult than Udemy/Itversity. I did send you a watsgroup invite for CCA 175 Study group. We have 2 “successful” test takers who are helping others will queries like these.