Filtering RDD in pySpark


I have two files

content.csv and remove.csv

I am trying to filter words which are in remove.csv from content.csv

Can anyone help me to go forward. Not able to figure out how to do it in pySpark

content = spark.sparkContext.textFile("/user/kuldeepc/spark2/content.txt")
remove = spark.sparkContext.textFile("/user/kuldeepc/spark2/remove.txt")
removeRDD = remove.flatMap(lambda x: x.split(",")).map(lambda x: x.strip())
contentRDD = content.flatMap(lambda x: x.split())
bremove = spark.sparkContext.broadcast( x: [x]).collect())

filterRDD = contentRDD.filter(lambda x: bremove.values in x )

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Please paste the content in those two files.