Flume Spark streaming

Hi Team,
I was able to run the flume agent and my sink is Kafka topic. I was not able to consume the data in kafka topic. I dont know where is the issue., can someone help on this issue:

–Flume config file

wh007.sources = ws005
wh007.sinks = kf005
wh007.channels = mem005

wh007.sources.ws005.type = exec
wh007.sources.ws005.command = tail -F /opt/gen_logs/logs/access.log

wh007.sinks.kf005.kafka.type = org.apache.flume.sink.kafka.kafkaSink
wh007.sinks.kf005.kafka.brokerList = wn01.itversity.com:6667,wn02.itversity.com:6667,wn03.itversity.com:6667,wn04.itversity.com:6667
wh007.sinks.kf005.kafka.topic = prakash63_new

wh007.channels.mem005.type = memory
wh007.channels.mem005.capacity = 1000
wh007.channels.mem005.transactionCapacity = 100

wh007.sources.ws005.channels = mem005
wh007.sinks.kf005.channel = mem005

–Flume agent:

a. start the agent:

flume-ng agent --name wh007 --conf-file flume_kafka.conf --conf /home/prakash63/flume_demo/wslogstokafkatrdeptcount

b.kafka consumer script:

kafka-console-consumer.sh --bootstrap-server wn01.itversity.com:6667,wn02.itversity.com:6667,wn03.itversity.com:6667,wn04.itversity.com:6667 --topic prakash63_new