Getting logged out and permission denied


why am I getting

Too many logins for ‘schnarbies’.

Permission denied

and the environment has become very unstable just today. It is logging me out randomly as well



Issue resolved.

Since the web console is unstable at times. We will highly recommend to use any ssh client applications like putty or Cygwin on windows and terminal on Linux and Mac.


I did, I am trying to use putty, but again, it tells me “access denied”, with a 100% failure rate.
I am performing the same procedure that I am performing to login to my user account at using WinSCP, and this works fine. is this not the right url for putty? or is the password on the lab page( not the correct password to use? am I supposed to download a public key or something?
I am using:
protocol = SSH
url =
port = 22
password =

please help!


@schnarbies Your URL is not correct. Please find the steps and reference screenshots below

Steps to connect Big Data labs from Putty
Hostname: Get from here
Port: 22
Username and password: Get from here


unfortunately, no, still not working, tied your steps, still access denied. tried all 3 possiblilites(gw01, gw02, gw03, - my lab page shows, not, tried with and without my username@, all give me accessed denied. even ran putty as administrator. so, what are the next steps?



You can only login to your assigned gateway.

I can able to login using your lab credentials.

Refer below screenshot:



@BaLu_SaI/@vinodnerella , please take care of it via teamviewer.



and then


how is what I am doing different than what you are doing?



Paste the password properly using shift+insert and before pasting password make sure that you click at that green prompt.


@schnarbies We have sent you personal message to connect through team viewer session. Please send your details to us and we will resolve the issue by connecting to you remotely.


No need! the shift-insert thing did the trick! Thanks!
sorry it took so long to resolve this; aparently, ctrl-V does not work in a putty window like it does in the itversity console window