Getting Started - Using Windows – Cygwin

As part of this topic, we will set up Cygwin on our windows machine.

Install Cygwin

  • Go to the link provided here
  • Download and Install Cygwin
  • Install packages like ssh, inetutils
  • Launch Cygwin.

Connect to Labs Using Cygwin

  • To connect to the labs in Cygwin we must have ssh package pre-installed.
  • use the command ssh username@hostname
  • Copy the password from labs n use shift+insert to paste the password in Cygwin.

Password Less Login in Cygwin

  • Use ssh-keygen which will generate necessary keys for passwordless login
  • Once the key is generated copy the id using the command ssh-copy-id username@hostname and hit enter
  • Now we have successfully set up the passwordless login using Cygwin.

Copy a File From Local Machine to Remote Machine Using Cygwin

  • To copy a file to the remote machine we use below command

scp path/fileName.Format username@hostname valid path in the remote machine

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