Hadoop admin queries


how to create keytab file. where will keytab file saved. if any issue comes in keytab how will we resolve it
how will you give permissions to user to run spark/ hive jobs in keytab file
how will you give permissions to user to run only hdfs commands and no yarn jobs
how will u copy file to hive/hadoop with specific file format like parquet or ORC. how will we create ORC file format for hive table data?
what to do if hive job is running slow?
what to troubleshoot if any job fails?
how to raise ticket to cloudera/hortonworks?
what to do if any service is not working?
how to resolve block corrupted issue
how to enable TEZ for hive. what happens if we does that
how will you submit job as particular user ?
general issue for jobs failure in hadoop/hive
what to know about Hbase? if we are not able to login to Hbase what to do ?
where will cloudera config directory and files present
how to understand about mappers. what does it mean by mapper size. EG: if we have to run a file of 130 mb , how many mappers are needed. min and max tasks. if particular task fails , what should we do
how will u compress data and store in hadoop . file format and compression usage


Are these interview questions?


These are my doubts… I’m learning hadoop administration and got these doubts… can someone help me with solutions