Hadoop cluster in iTversity



I log in into gw03.itversity.com. I wanted to know the names of the namenodes and datanodes for the cluster that I am having access to. Can you please list them.

What kind of a node is gw03.itversity.com ?


Check Ambari UI. It has few details you are looking for.



i checked Ambari. Its a little confusing. Can you list out all namenodes and datanodes in the cluster. Also what are gw03.itversity.com, gw02.itversity.com in the cluster ?


gw02 and gw03 called as gateway nodes. Users will have access to one of these two nodes and access the cluster the services like, hadoop and spark etc. And the name node is nn01 and then data nodes are from wn01 to wn05.


Thanks. that helps.

So gw02 and gw03 are residing outside the cluster as application server where we run our code ?


gw02 and gw03 are part of the cluster, you will run code on any one of these.