HDPCD - Apache Pig - How to set Application Type as Mapreduce instead of Tez



This is with respect to the video “Apache Pig - Specify the number of reduce tasks for a Pig MapReduce job” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyD-yEt-1G4&list=PLf0swTFhTI8pTZ2EYpjrJCPlRQvBJ7Cwa&index=44

When I try to run the scripts and check the log in the resource manager in http://sandbox-hdp.hortonworks.com:8088. I see the Application Type as Tez instead of MapReduce.

So, I’m not able to see the number of Maps and Reducers after I set the default_parallel as 4 as shown in the video.

Could someone please try to make me understand, how to make the Application Type as MAPREDUCE instead of TEZ ? So, that I can follow as shown in the video


For Pig
To go to Tez Mode pig -x tez
It takes you to grunt shell in tez mode

For Hive
To change the execution engine to Tez use
SET hive.execution.engine=tez;
Tez is used in Hortonworks Sandbox

To change the execution engine to MapReduce use
SET hive.execution.engine=mr;


@nikhil23 Thanks very much for your reply.

Where should I give these commands? Inside the pig shell?


You can write the command in pig shell