HDPCD: Java exam environment issue


Before 4-5 days I had appeared for HDPCD: java exam. Initially there was problem with VM connectivity, but proctor resolved it from his end. I wanted to analyse data set for exam but it was not available on VM. When I tried to do hadoop fs -ls , Its was giving error "Can Not Connect to Name Node: I immediately informed proctor, but he is not ready to help & said he can not help for the exam content. I thought of finishing the coding part first & then check,
After creating jar, I again tried to connect to cluster but its in vain, I tried to ssh the name node, I tried to connect to Ambari, Even I tried to run start-all-services.sh but was of no use & giving same error. I informed proctor, multiple times but he was not ready to help & informed me that he will send report to Hortonwork about discussion. Even though I have enough time to test & validate, I could not test & validate my work because of these environment issues…

I had already sent mail to certification alias i.e. certification@hortonworks.com, but still there is no response. Can some one guide me about this


Thank you for the update and let us know the response from Hortonworks.


Unfortunately yet there is no reply yet. I have also posted question on their community but of no use.
This is something weird, Does any one faced similar issue before?
I hope I will not loose my money for such a blunder from Hortonworks. Totally frustating


One of the students faced a similar issue with Cloudera and they have corrected it by offering him a second chance to write the exam. Wait for a reply from HortonWorks, the reply might be delayed since it is the ThanksGiving week in the US. Or else drop a reminder email to HortonWorks


Thanks for response Pramod.
I have already replied them black. Lets wait for 3-4 days . FIngers Crossed…


​Hi All,
I got the badge today morning. :slight_smile:

I have 1 question, do they send some certificate/score card as well? or just electronic badge?


@yash1505 : Did you get any response from them? I got similar issue today while giving HDPCD : no java exam.
Proctor was not able to help and he closed the exam with similar suggestions to reach out to hortonworks team.

Please help what are my next steps.
Thanks in advance