HDPCD (No Java) Certification

Hello Friends, Glad to tell you that I could clear HDPCD (no Java) certification last week.
Whole credit goes to Mr Durga & ITVERSITY. Had I not seen ITVERSITY playlist on YOUTUBE for the certification I would not have cleared the exam.
To all the folks who wish to clear this certification I would suggest them go through all the videos of ITVERSITY on youtube step by step and follow the instructions given by Mr. Durga.



@kkiyer congratulations…welcome to hortonworks family…

Congratulation kkiyer !! Exam pattern has changed or not? Could you please share your experience.


Congratulations on clearing the certification.

Thanks Guys!

Exam pattern was like 7 questions to write the code for, out of that 5 should be correct, there were 4 subsections under each.


Congrats kk.
Could you please answer below questions regarding the certification:

  1. Do we need to write code for individual tasks in a text file or is there some else to be done?
  2. What are the pre-checks required after you log in for the exam?
  3. Did you attend the exam from you home?
  4. Are the questions related to each other and performing one task is compulsary for doing the other?

Thanks in advance.

Hello All,

I am trying to learn Hadoop (HDPCD) going thru Durga’s playlist:

I bought the access to ITversity’s 30 days lab.

But down the line going thru his videos I noticed him using the sandbox(Cloudera) for his tutorials. This is making my learning experience challenging. I am not able to practice using the itversity lab. Keep in my mind, I am a newbie to Hadoop. So, not able to replicate his steps/activities in the lab.

I need your advice - How did you follow his tutorial and manage with the hands on part?

Your reply is much appreciated.