HDPCD Spark Exam

HDPCD Spark Exam
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Hi Team,

Recently I attended HDPCD Spark exam and I couldn’t complete the exam due to time constraints.
Copy and paste and ALL tab nothing is working properly at exam.

So if I get familiar with such environment on which text edit i should do hands on part?

How could plan for timing at exam?



Hi Karthik

Theres a practice exam for HDPCD developer exam. You might want to practice it to get a feel of the environment. But inspite of all the practices, believe me, you wouldn’t find navigating the hortonworks vm for the certification exam easy. True horror


Hi Ram,

I tried to take the practice exam where I bought from itversity Simulator but that is not a actual spark certification.
Could you please let me know,if you know the similar to HDPCD spark exam practice exam?

Please send me karthikb.etl@gmail.com