Hi friends need some advice


I am an application developer professionally (Java Stack). I want to become a Data Engineer and for that my first step is to gain the skills to tackle the CCA 175 Certification. Which language should I focus on Scala or Python? I thought Python was the better option as jobs in my area all ask about python but it seems creating data pipelines is easier with Scala because Kafka and Spark are written in Scala, so more information out there to learn. I already know python, to the intermediate level, I know the easy thing is to say learn both, but that means I would be learning spark in both scala and python. Kind of lost, any help is useful


As you already know Python, just prepare for certification using Python as programming language. As you are also Java developer, it is not difficult to learn Scala as well, which you can postpone later. Python and Scala are strikingly similar programming languages.

Even though Kafka is developed in Scala, you have APIs in Python as well. Also Kafka is not required for CCA 175. You can pick these skills later.

Learn Sqoop, revise Python, revise SQL, Learn Spark and go ahead and give the exam. You can search for itversity cca175 Python and enrol for our paid course in YouTube or paid course in Udemy or https://kaizen.itversity.com



thank you sir, thanks for all the content as well