Hive is taking too much time



Hi Durga sir/All,

I am continuosly getting hive metastore issues when im trying to open the hive shell, so im restarting the hive metastore in the CLI using the command sudo service hive-metastore start.

After that if im trying to launch the hive shell it is taking morethan half n hour to start the hive shell. Also if the hive shell is launched and if i try to run a select query or simple query like “show databases” query also it is taking lot of time

Im using the CDH 5.5 version in single cluster for practicing.

Can some one help me out in resolving this please?


@kiranmadamanchi If possible could you update your post with HiveServer2 and metastore logs. Meanwhile, How much memory assigned for HiveServe2 and what is the size of your metastore


Hi Kiran, I’m also facing the same issue while using the hortonworks vm HDP_2.6 version.
Can you share me the solution for it.

Thanks in advance.


Just a precaution after this is resolved. Never exit hive using Control + C. If you exit with that the time to start hive keeps increasing every next time. Always use “exit” command.