Hive problem when trying to execute join operation ON Cloudera QuickStart VM


Hive error when trying to execute join operation on Cloudera QuickStart

Can you please give an Idea , why this error occured

hive> desc orders;
order_id int
order_date string
order_customer_id int
order_status string
Time taken: 0.318 seconds, Fetched: 4 row(s)

hive> desc order_items;
order_item_id int
order_item_order_id int
order_item_product_id int
order_item_quantity tinyint
order_item_subtotal double
order_item_product_price double
Time taken: 0.325 seconds, Fetched: 6 row(s)

hive> select order_date, sum(order_item_subtotal) daily_revenue from orders join order_items on order_id = order_item_order_id group by order_date;
Query ID = cloudera_20180323171616_557f9c3a-2443-42ec-b509-13a7d7f680d0
Total jobs = 1
FAILED: Execution Error, return code 1 from



Please run below command before running your join sqls in hive CLI.

refer below link for more details:


Thank you for your time and help:blush: