Hive Warehouse Issue


I’m not able to find the database I created in /user/hive/warehouse. But I’m able to use it. Can you please help me with this issue?


Try /apps/hive/warehouse

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But by default all the databases should be stored in /user/hive/warehouse right?

Not Really. The databases are stored in the path specified in the hive-site.xml under the property hive.metastore.warehouse.dir.
When you download hive then by default, the property points to the path /user/hive/warehouse.
In your case it might be pointing to /apps/hive/warehouse. This is also the case for HDP Sandbox too.

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Ok… Thank you so much for the info.

The warehouse folder has been deleted.

I can’t access the databases I created on hive while I’m on a pyspark session.
When I do a dfs -ls /apps/hive/warehouse; on a hive session it says the directory does not exist.

Please advise.

Hi @Mandisi_Nxulu,

we had a small issue with the hive. Please refer to this video