Hortonworks certified associate certification


hello sir,

i wanted to know if there is any video content on hortonworks certified associate (HCA) planning to take up the exam on april 2017 please provide me inputs on how and where to start for preparing?Thanks in advance


Hi Darshan ,

Today I got slot for HCA Certification Exam. Let’s Catchup and prepare some materials on this.


Hi amit when is your hca slot ?do you have any documents to study ?


@Darshan_V_S @amit0900 Count me too .I have the exam on April 4th +91 - 9677133316


I got the slot for May 27, 2017. So , Far I have no materials. Let’s have an offline connect. My Num : +91-9861055345


Hi @Navaneesh_DS do you have any material ?any preparations so far?


@Navaneesh_DS the exam went well? can you share some study matterials or describe the exam type?


i have my slot on 26th May will contact you


Hi Navaneesh

Can you please share some HCA materials (apart from the exam objectives.pdf and/or data sheet.pdf which is there in the Hortonworks site)…



@amit0900 @Darshan_V_S @Navaneesh_DS

I cannot plan the exam date well ahead, due to my other works… so planning to book the slot a week before once i feel confident, but you guys have booked the exam date a couple of months before it seems, Is it your personal wish? --or-- Is it mandatory to book the slot well ahead?

Pls advice


What sort of questions could expect on YARN topic?


@Navaneesh_DS @Darshan_V_S

hi guys am also planning to do hca ..haven't booked the exam yet .. would love to know if there is any materials for preparing for the exam. any guidance anything would be appreciated ..



3.Read this for revision/overview
4. Mandatory Free course to improve your knowledge

Let me know if you need any other help


Just go through that PDF provided !! The Questions are too easy to clear !!! Make sure u cover everything thoroughly !!!


Hi Sayamaju ,

Please read the following things

2. [https://hortonworks.com/videos/#] Videos-Basically videos only mentioned in the objectives


Thanks Darshan…


Thanks for your help Darshan. Is there any sample question available anywhere? Just wanted to check the type of the questions.



Hi Guys,

Am planning to write the HCA certification on 4 Mar’18. Can anyone tell me how the questions would be? Is it fine to cover the pdf links or we need more?

Appreciate ur help



Go to below link and download the Exam Objectives pdf.

In Exam Objectives pdf you will find Reference links from Hortonworks website for each topic.

Go thouroughly through knowledge provided on these links and you should be ready to take HCA certification.

Even Hadoop Self Paced training will provide you deeper insights


Hi amit, can you pls share the pdf pls…planning for the exam…