How do I list sqoop jobs and check their details?


Is there a way to list all sqoop jobs and check details?

During a job running period, I tried:
sqoop job --list

It shows me nothing.



The following command would list all the jobs

sqoop job --list

If you want to see any job then type

sqoop job --show myjob


Thank you for your reply but as I said in my question, I used exactly this command yet it shows nothing.


These two are separate commands. You can use shell script to parse the list of jobs from the list command and then loop through that list to get details about those jobs using show command

Lab is NOT working for me, can someone please sort it out ASAP? Thanks

I was not questioning the two commands, I was asking why the sqoop job --list is not working at all!

Please see the screenshot below which shows the command shows nothing(left) and the command was executed while the sqoop import is running in the middle (right)




Have you created the import job using the below command

sqoop job --create myjob 

If it is an ad-hoc Sqoop import then it is not going to get listed in the list command. The list command only lists the jobs which have been created using --create command.