How to copy code in terminal If you are using MAC

for instance, if I am using line breaks like \ and writing code, and if code goes wrong, I am not able to copy back and execute. I have to write whole code. But in videos where like Sqoop , the instructor seems copying code and pasting . May I know how to do this.

command+c and command+v is copying but it is copying with extra > and while pasting it, it is of no use with extra >

Could you please reply with the details of the video so that I can help you in a better way.

You may refer to any video of CCA 175 where in while instructor is copying code . for example Sqoop code from top of page or earlier typed Sqoop code and pasting to re-use.

Thank u in advance.

I have checked from myside. Its working fine for me. Please reply with the screen shot if still you are facing this issue. Thank you for your patience.

In screen shot, you posted, are you able to copy code using command+c and paste using command+v to reuse in same terminal window?

Cause I am not. If am trying to do, it is getting copied like the way it is in attached screenshot.
I am getting extra > after I copy and I am not able to execute the code because of it.

any update pls for the copy code issue?

Are you using Mac?

If yes, then you have to use command + option while copying from terminal.

When I do Command+C and do Command+ V I am getting additional > as shown in screen shot. Thus cannot execute code.

As mentioned above you need to use command + option and then select then command + c.

You can also google around on columnar copy. If you don’t know how to copy, you might have to type. Our support staff does not have expertise with Mac.