How to install Apache Nifi in the itversity lab?


Hi I need to practise Apache Nifi. May I know how to install apache nifi in this lab.


you dont have admin privileges to add new service to the cluster. you need to ask @itversity to install that on to lab.


Nifi is available in labs. You can access using the below url


Thanks for your information…

I am using some logic in nifi to put some data from file system to HDFS it is throwing
“permission denied user=root access=execute”

can you pls give the rights for this HDFS path “/user/narasimhasai/raj” .


Checking that, can you try writing to ‘/user/nifi/’ and see


I have given ‘/user/nifi/’ in puthdfs processor. But in Getfile processor I am using my directory ‘/home/narasimhasai’ while using this I am getting
“Directory ‘/home/narasimhasai’ does not have any sufficient permissions (i.e. not writable and readable)”

I also used ‘/home/nifi’ in Getfile processor but I cant able to go inside it, it is throughing permission denied


Can you guys please look into this issue.


@raki28 We are checking the issue. We will give update soon. There is some issue in multitenant environment.


@vinodnerella Thank you very much for your reply…


Any update in this ticket?


Please let me know the update on this