How to load data from local PC to lab


Hi ,

I am trying to load data from PC to bigdata lab thru WinScp .Its showing access denied.
i also tried with filezilla, but still facing below issue.

Response: fzSftp started, protocol_version=8
Command: open "" 22
Command: Trust new Hostkey: Once
**Command: Pass: ***********
Error: Authentication failed.
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

Could you please help?


@ashwin_sush Please refer below screenshots. If you still not able to connect share us a screenshot.

Use hostname :
Port : 22
Username and password from




Hi Balu,

FileZilla and WinScp may be available at personal laptops. But when we are at exam portal, these tools may not be available. Could you please guide us through Cygwin/Putty. I can able to connect lab through, Putty or Cygwin. But not able to navigate to local system directories.

Please help to transfer files from local system to lab , using putty/Cygwin


@rajkvalluru To copy files from cygwin you can use scp command if it is available.

scp /path/of/local/file

and it prompts for password then provide your big data labs password.


I have the same issue. need to transfer file from laptop to the lab. I have putty and winscp but don’t know how to configure. Could any provide some help / instructions? my file is stored in c:\data


I am also having the same issue. I am not able move data from laptop to lap. Did you find the solution to move data. I tried winscp but not able to connect

Thanks and Regards
Muthu N


@Muthuviji Refer the link Transfer Data to Itversity labs.

If you still facing the issue share a screenshot.


Still I have issue, Both wiscp and Filezilla is not working



Try now you can able to connect. give port number as 22

Refer below screenshot


Thanks man… thanks for your help