How to make password less login from Cygwin and Linux/mac terminal?


If you are using Cygwin as ssh client from Windows machine and you get ssh command not found first you have to install OpenSSH package in Cygwin.

If the command is available and then the process is same for Cygwin and terminal

Step1: First generate a key pair if not exists under ~/.ssh by using the command

Step2: Copy the key into your host which you want to make passwordless login from your machine and it prompts for the password, give your password to accept the key into a server

ssh-copy-id username@hostname

Step3: Login server ssh username@hostname

Note: If you get the similar error below and you can handle with a command ssh-add then try login host

error: sign_and_send_pubkey: signing failed: agent refused operation
command: ssh-add

PFS for reference


Not able to ssh into server. Could you please copy id_rsa to authorized_keys