How to show all available functions for an object?


In Scala shell, I understand that, using RDD for example, I can show available functions by hit tab key after the period .

However it seems it doesn’t really show all the available functions.

scala> b
res11: org.apache.spark.rdd.RDD[(Int, String)] = MapPartitionsRDD[9] at keyBy at :29
when I type tab below

It will show:
def subtract(other: RDD[T]): RDD[T]
def subtract(other: RDD[T], numPartitions: Int): RDD[T]
def subtract(other: RDD[T], p: org.apache.spark.Partitioner)(implicit ord: scala.math.Ordering[T]): RDD[T]

But where is the subtractByKey?

When I typed tab afterb.subtractBy, it doesn’t show subtractByKey, but subtractByKey is an available function to RDD

Am I missing anything here?

Thank you.


Yes, I also observed that issue. The only way is to go through the API documentation or remember it.


That is really too bad, what about pyspark, it seems pyspark doesn’t come with this feature at all?


Note sure about pyspark