How to solve Hive questions in the exam?



If we get questions on Hive metastore(like create a table in hive meta store etc), should we suppose to login into Hive or should we suppose to execute them in spark-shell using sqlContext?

For example, there will be a question like, there is a Order table data in certain location in hdfs.
make sure this data is available in hive data store so that users can do select queries on this data.

2 ways to solve this:

  1. login into Hive. create external table using this location.
  2. using spark-shell, use saveAsTable.
    Which one to choose?


Which certification exam?


in CCA 175, for question on Meta store.


Does not matter what you use in the exam. All Cloudera cares about end results stored in the proper format in the given location.

You can choose any option using the sqlContext to query Hive table (either by Data-frames or RDD) and perform operations and saving back to HIVE will save a lot of time in the exam.