How to unzip a file in hadoop



tar xzf <<<<<file name>>>>>


nyse/nyse_data.tar.gz , want to unzip …

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Go to the folder where the tar files are present.
In your case, you can go

cd nyse/
tar -zxf nyse_data.tar.gz


its there in hadoop /data-master/nyse/nyse_data.tar.gz


thanks nikhil
i have done that in my local system but how to do in hadoop fs to unzip



tar zcvf hello.tar.gz hello | hadoop fs -put hello.tar.g z /user/nikhilvemula

tar zcvf <compressed file name>.tar.gz <source file 1> <source file 2> | hadoop fs -put <source file> <destination location>

hello is the source file which is to be compressed .tar.gz
followed by the put command and the source file name, HDFS location