Hue access in exam


can any one know in cca-175 exa, hue access is available…if yes, how we access it and what’s username and password for it…Normandy in Quick start VM it is username cloudera …pass cloudera…as far as i know.


What would you need HUE for during exam?


Its just safer side to avoid delete file using -rm -r command is something going wrong during execution ex logic wrong…i heard that lots of time you delete input source directory using -rm -r command…I believe if it’s hue access in exam then through file browser we can only delete the file which we want it…safer side…


In few posts I have read that people tried to use HUE but it did not work as expected. You won’t be asked to remove files as part of test tasks. You can simple chose to forget rm -r command until you are done with exam :slight_smile: