I failed the CCA 175, and here are the 3 Reasons Why


Hello CCA 175 aspirants,
let me cut to the chase, I took the CCA 175 exam on 20th july in the evening , and as the title says, I failed and here is the break down of the exam, I made several mistakes that have nothing to do with knowledge I have on the subject, because if you cover Mr.Durga Gadiraju’s CCA175 playlist, and go through Arun Pasuparthy’s problems , it will be adequate , they cover everything. (My humblest gratitude to them, they were the most valuable resources)
I was given 9 questions.

So I scored 6/9. Failed to debug a very direct Sqoop export and panicked when it came to big join problems, I wasted time in deciding to use rdd or dataframes and did both midway.

Now, talking about where I found it difficult was:

  1. They have a very very bad interface, it makes it hard to read when you zoom , cause it gets blurry, and while debugging it was a nightmare, So be prepared and keep your cool.
  2. Joins, the dilemma to use rdd’s or data frames, ate away most of my time. Parsing the data to data frames or just use indexes to join rdd’s. I recommend you practice joins and all scenarios well, which ever approach you are comfortable with. practice mapping Dataframes to Rdd’s and then parsing it to String in the specified format and storing as text file.
  3. Time management and taking the test at 7:30 pm when I was tired, So I suggest you take it when your mind is fresh

That’s my experience, I hope you can learn from my failure. My last suggestion would be to practice using Itversity Labs, it is the best resource you can ask for. Wish you all luck.


You are not supposed share the question distribution. Cloudera might disqualify you even if you clear the certification in future.


Hi Indraja,
Did you attempt the exam again. Have you passed. Please let me know how did you correct the mistake of taking time ti think of approach to use RDD/DF/SQL as I failed my exam and I am planning to give again.