Importing table in hive path


we are trying to use sqoop import-all-tables using the command bleow
sqoop import
–connect “jdbc:mysql://”
–username retail_dba
–password itversity
–table employee_hdpmaniac
–hive-home /user/hive/warehouse
–hive-table suddha_anik.employee_hdpmaniac
–split-by empid

while the table is created correctly in HIVE, the files are getting created in HDFS under /user/hadoopmaniac/employee-hdpmaniac
where hadoopmaniac is my user id and employee_hdpmaniac is the HIVE table name. But my question is why the file is not getting created under /user/hive/warehouse/sudha_anik.db


In labs hive warehouse directory path is /apps/hive/warehouse/database_name