Incorrect Login for console access



I am a new user, registered today only. I am not able to login in console. It’s saying incorrect password. Also, session is getting expired in every 60 seconds.

I can login in Ambari using the same credential but failed in case of console.

Please fix it ASAP and also increase the session time as well.




This is a common issue for who are very new to Linux environment. Itversity labs build on Linux machines. So the nature of Linux is we cant see the password what we type.

If you are using the Web console in Itversity big data labs, We are providing username and password in the console as Icons. If you click on User icon the username will be copied in to buffer then you can paste using Shift+Insert. In the same way, You have to click on password icon and paste on the console.


When you are pasting the username and password you have to make sure that cursor on console is filled/bold. If not just click on the console once then paste the credentials.
We are describing this with respective Chrome browser.
PFA for reference to our web console

Common issues we encounter on our state of the art Big Data Cluster with Hadoop, Spark and many others -


thanks Chandan,

I was trying to paste the password by doing right click of mouse as we usually do in linux terminal. But now, i just used ctrl+v and it works. thanks for your quick reply.