Is Kafka available on CDH Cluster during CCA 175 certificate exam



Hi All,

I am preparing for the CCA 175 Spark certification. In the Youtube playlist of Durga sir, he has demonstrated Streaming example using Flume-Kafka-Spark combination. I checked if Kafka is pre-installed on the cluster (CDH 5.10) provided during the exam. I couldn’t find Kafka on the list.

So, can someone confirm is Kafka is pre-installed and available during the exam. If not, can we install it during the exam? Do they provide internet connectivity to install kafka using yum?

I checked cluster details at:

Thank you.



Please note that, if Kafka is part of Curriculum of CCA175, then Kafka will be available for exam, no need to worry about it.

You will not have administration access for exam.

The cluster which you’re going to access is custom made machine by Cloudera with all the tools equipped for exam.

All the best.